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 Pedicure for Pesce's „Il Piede” 
Lecture at FUTURETALKS, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany.

 Secure packaging of threedimensional artworks for transportation – advancement of a vacuum system 
Present methods for the transport and storage of three-dimensional art use in general disproportionally high amounts of packaging material without guaranteeing the requisite safety. The diploma thesis at hand analyses, endorses and optimizes conventional packaging systems with due regard to impacts of dynamic exposures to the artwork to elaborate a novel system. The thesis aims to develop a reusable, user friendly and economic packaging system by employing sustainable and innovative materials and detects possible applications.
Diplomvorträge des 9. Jahrgangs des Lehrstuhls für Restaurierung, Kunsttechnologie und Konservierungswissenschaft der TU München